Diets I’ve tried

I will need to gradually build this list as there is over 35 years of history, but I thought it would be fun to try to recall everything I’ve tried.

Calorie counting: this has been my go to since I was about 14. I can tell you the calorie content of almost every food imaginable and I used to buy Alan Borushek’s calorie counter every January until My Fitness Pal was created as an app. This has remained my constant on and off to this day.

Israeli Army diet: I reckon I tried this when I was about 14. It was supposed to be: 2 days of apples, 2 days of cheese, 2 days of chicken and 2 days of salad, with black tea/coffee allowed. I didn’t make it until the cheese days.

Weight Watchers: I must have joined weight watchers a minimum of 15 times. I never made it to goal.

Easy Slim: I think that’s what it was called. It was a lot like weight watchers, only cheaper and you did a small series of exercises at the end of the class. I joined this twice.

Lite ‘n’ easy: Pre-prepared meals delivered to your home, I reckon I tried this at least 3 times.

Herbalife: Ew, this was the worst. I had one day of hideous tasting shakes, and I hid all of the stuff high in the pantry so my husband wouldn’t see yet another weight loss attempt that cost hundreds of dollars.

Ketosis: I remember in the mid 80s one of my work colleagues lost a ton of weight and we all wanted to know how. I don’t recall the exact details of the diet, I think you had to buy products such as meal replacements, but going into a state of ketosis was required. I ended up being quite unwell and having to stop it.

Food combining: I read Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond and I felt it changed my life forever. I have actually had some good success with food combining, but again didn’t sustain or maintain it.

Eat only when hungry: What a nice idea and I have had a few moments when it worked, but for the most part, food is not usually only about hunger for me. I read a ton of books on this, and tried different ways to implement it.

Low fat: When Susan Powter’s book “Stop the Insanity” came out, I was hooked. You mean I can eat all the lollies, bread, sugar I want and still lose weight? Bring it on!!

Mindful eating: I am a huge fan of mindfulness and I bought about six books specifically on mindful eating, but at this point in time, mindless eating is my area of expertise.

Naturopaths: I have seen countless naturopaths. I am a huge fan of naturopathy, but I lacked the discipline required to stick to any kind of regimen. I have started and not finished dozens of programs, and vitamin supplements, I couldn’t even guess how many to be honest.

Chiropractor: I was seeing a chiropractor who had a fool proof system for losing weight. Meal replacements plus food restrictions. I can’t recall it in detail, but all I remember is that I wasn’t allowed to eat fruit. When I am binging I can go days without fruit, but when I am being “good” I need it. By 11am on day one I became obsessed with the idea of eating a pear. I returned the stuff by lunch time.

Duromine: Yep I tried it. Was high as a kite and didn’t sleep for two days on just half of one tablet.

Xenical: This was the big thing in weight loss innovation when it was released. Risks included shitting yourself and malabsorption of nutrients, but hey weight loss was the result. Don’t think I even finished the packet.

Sugar free/gluten free: Tried both, and managed to sustain them for a maximum of two weeks each time. Felt amazing each time I tried, but addiction is addiction!

Isagenix: I actually did quite well on Isagenix. I felt great, my energy levels were high, lost a few kilos in the first few days, but I couldn’t sustain it.

Clean eating: Eating just what nature intended, without numbers or packaging. I ended up making raw chocolates and all sorts of goodies, which were incredibly delicious but my old ways soon crept back in.

Liver cleansing diet: I have been on more than one of these but when I read Sandra Cabot’s book in the mid 90s I thought I was onto my forever solution. Yeah, nah.

Love myself just as I am: Yeah whatever. I actually do love myself and my husband has taught me to love my ample curves, but from a health and wellbeing perspective this hasn’t worked. I have fatty liver and fatty pancreas amongst other things and so this one isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Intermittent Fasting: Also known as 5:2 or 16:8. I actually really like these concepts and scientifically they make so much sense. Just wish I could do them. I did 5:2 once and lost 3 kilos in a week. I don’t do so well with hunger. For some reason I seem to think something awful will happen if I am hungry.